Universal/ General Purpose Absorbent Spill Socks

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Universal/ General Purpose Absorbent Spill Socks

Product Information

Product #: AGCSO815S

Quick Overview

  • Super absorbent cellulose/polypropylene socks
  • Absorbs all types of liquids
  • Available in 4ft, 8ft and 12ft lengths
  • Captures leaks and drips around machines
  • Easy and convenient to place and use
  • Flexible & conforms with snug fit for no seepage
  • Can be wrung out and reused

Absorbent universal socks are the best choice for industrial applications. These general purpose Absorbent socks absorb both oil and water base liquids and drips.

High Absorbency

Universal absorbent socks are for oils, coolants, solvents and water. These universal absorbent socks are easy to mold and shape around leaky equipment and machinery. A great choice for non-aggressive fluids. Keeps leaks and spills from spreading. Lay down absorbent socks as dams, to soak up liquid.

Three Sizes

These oil and water absorbent socks are available in 4 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot lengths. One 12′ Sock can absorb more than three gallons of oils, coolants, solvents or water.

Color Coded

Gray color helps you to quickly identify universal sorbency.

Technical Information

Made of Gray Polypropylene Sleeve with Cellulose Filler inside.

Category: Absorbents

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