Universal Absorbent Rolls, Heavy Weight 15

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Universal Absorbent Rolls, Heavy Weight 15

Product Information

Product #: AGRSB150HS

Bonded, high performance all purpose absorbent pads and rolls.

These universal absorbent pads are great for oil and water based liquids.

Excellent for industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops. These high-performance, all-purpose absorbent pads are dimpled to soak up more liquids in less time. Bonded for strength and high absorbency. Dark color fosters longer use. Dirt masking gray color fosters longer use before disposal.

Lint-free, all-purpose absorbent for all applications. The favorite for industrial applications. Use these universal absorbent pads where aggressive and non-aggressive fluids are present.

Universal Absorbent Rolls Heavy Weight
15″ x 150′ perforated. 2 rolls
Absorbs 55 Gal/Case. Weight 26 lbs

Technical Info

  • Lint-free, spun bond fabric provides added strength
  • High performance melt blown polypropylene
  • Sonic bonded to absorb quickly
  • Rolls are perforated every 7.5″ vertically and 17″ horizontally.
  • Pads are perforated vertically at 7.5″
  • Suitable for all water based fluids and all hydrocarbons.
Category: Absorbents

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