Hydro Power Concentrate

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Hydro Power Concentrate

Product #714Hydro Power Concentrate is a powerful concentrated multi-surface cleaner with hydrogen peroxide to lift away tough stains and soils from virtually any surface. It is specially formulated with a stable form of hydrogen peroxide at a high pH level, so it remains in an active state for a longer period of time than other “oxygen-based” cleaners. It is also environmentally safe and easy to use. Dilute 1:128 – 1:16 depending on the severity of the stain. Ideal for use on Glass, Carpets, Fabrics, Upholstery, Laundry, Grout, Tile, Plastics, Metal, Kitchens, Appliances Countertops, Sinks/Showers, Walls and Floors, Bathrooms. Effective against Coffee and Tea, Red Wine Stains, Juice Drinks, Grass Stains, Ink, Blood, Grease, Soda, Pet Stains, and many soils.

SKU: 714
Category: Industrial Degreasers/Cleaners

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