PURE EZ Degreaser – Soy and d-Limonene Degreaser

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PURE EZ Degreaser – Soy and d-Limonene Degreaser

Product #: 702
Pure EZ Degreaser is a safe alternative to hazardous petroleum-based degreasers or harsh alkaline cleaners. Combines d-Limonene and soy to dissolve the heaviest grease deposits.
Ideal for use on Concrete, Masonry, Machinery, Motors, Equipment, Metal Parts, Parts Washers, Fabric, Rugs and Upholstery.
Effective against Gum, Wax, Oil, Tar, Asphalt, Candle Wax, Dirt, Adhesives, and Grease and Grime.

SKU: 702
Category: D-Limonene Degreasers/Cleaners, Industrial Degreasers/Cleaners
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