Enviro-Terra HD

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Enviro-Terra HD

Product #: 137
Enviro-Terra HD is a true breakthrough concentrated cleaner. More than twice as strong as Enviro-Terra Concentrate, with a pH of less than 1, this multipurpose cleaner generates the high cleaning power of an acid, yet it is safe and mild to skin like liquid dish soap.
Cleans the heaviest stains, rust and algae stains from concrete buildings and walks; replaces acid to remove cement from construction equipment, trucks, pouring forms, structural steel and tools; dissolves hard water build-up, lime, scale and corrosion in boilers, air conditioners and refrigeration units, condensers and circulating systems. A proprietary inhibitor package prevents damage to metals, and detergents and wetting agents enhance cleaning actions. It is non-flammable and biodegradable.
Part of the Enviro-Terra product family.

SKU: 137
Category: Industrial Degreasers/Cleaners
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