Quick Wipes – Surface Cleaner for Small Center-Pull Dispensers

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Quick Wipes – Surface Cleaner for Small Center-Pull Dispensers

Product #: 1574
These all-surface cleaning wipes are specially formulated with a quat-based formula to clean and deodorize nearly any surface, anywhere. Ideal for use on shopping cart handles, as well as gym and fitness equipment, office surfaces, and many other surfaces. An ideal solution to potentially damaging and ineffective disinfectant or sanitizing wipes in store environments. 1,100-ct roll with 8″ x 5″ sheets is designed for use with our Small Center-Pull Dispenser or Stainless Steel Dispenser Stand for higher-end facilities. Biodegradable cellulose fabric.
Also available in large 800-ct rolls to fit our Large Center-Pull Dispensers for use in gyms, or in 450-ct canister for shopping carts or other environments.
Why Quick Wipes instead of disinfectant wipes? It is commonly assumed that a simple and quick wipe-down of a surface with a disinfectant wipe will immediately kill the present bacteria. However, most disinfectants require the surface to remain wet for a given amount of time (called “dwell time”) in order to achieve the desired results, and most dwell times are 5 minutes or 10 minutes. In actual uses, such as on a shopping cart handle or a piece of fitness equipment, dwell time is rarely achieved, because the user will immediately place their hands onto the handle after wiping. The active germ-killers in many disinfectant wipes can also damage vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces over time. Alternatively, the mechanical action of wiping a surface with a Quick Wipe can be highly effective at removing bacteria and other film, at a fraction of the cost of a disinfectant wipe, and without the surface damage.

SKU: 1574
Category: Wet Wipes
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