Live Micro 535 – Odor and Waster Eliminator

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Live Micro 535 – Odor and Waster Eliminator

Product #: 535
Live Micro 535 destroys odors and waste at the source with a special combination of multicultured, enzyme-producing, bacteria. They consume organic matter to eliminate odors and stains on most hard and soft surfaces.
Ideal for use on Floors, Walls, Toilets, Carpets, Upholstery, Urinals, Sinks, Plumbing, Grease Traps, Drains, Dishwashers, and in Garbage Disposals.
Effective against Surface Odors, Grease and Oils, Food and Organic Waste, Urine and Feces, Soap Build-Up, and Vomit.

SKU: 535
Category: Bacterial/Enzyme Digestants, Floor Care, Odor Control
Tags: odor and waste eliminator

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